M.593  First Officer  Clarence Bernard Conner

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b. 21 Aug 1908, Charleston WV  2 Jun 1941 to Jun-42 



Address in 1941: 1109½ Bigley Ave., Charleston

Imprisoned for 10 days in 1932 for "Violation of the National Prohibition Act"

prev. exp. 700 hrs over 11 years

Postings: 1FPP, 14FPP

Clarence sailed back to Montreal on the 8th June 1942, with his fellow American ATA ferry pilots James 'Whit' Ansley (M.511), Kenneth Fogelberg, Russell Gates, Russell Gibson,John Morrison, Nicholas Pickard,  William Ressegger, Clay Steffee, Stewart Updike, and Keith Williams.

d. Dec 1974 - Columbus

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