M.---  2nd Officer  Harold Lee Hoffman

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 b. 9 Apr 1906, St Louis, MO 24 May 1941 to 5 Aug 1941 

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Fther: Benjamin Lee Hoffman, Mother: Marie Elizabeth [Curns]

Ed. Tilden Tech., Chicago IL

m. Amelia (or Emelia) Veronica [Belloumini, d. 2001]

prev. Instructor, barnstorming, ferrying, passenger hops, [and a laundry driver for the Nordic Laundry Company and others].

prev. exp. 420 hrs

 Address in 1941: 831 Sunnyside Ave, Chicago

Flying under training: 4.05hrs

Contract Terminated - "Unlikely to become an efficient ferry pilot"; "Deemed to be erroneously or injudiciously enrolled in Montreal" 

Post-WWII, joined cargo carrier Airlift International based in Miami FL.

d. 10 Oct 1970 (age 64) while co-pilot of a C-130 N9248R which crashed attempting to land in bad weather at McGuire AFB near Fort Dix NJ.

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