M.453  2nd Officer*  Philip de Walden Avery

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 b. 5 May 1909, London  16 May 1941 to 19 Nov 1942

 ata philip de walden avery 1931 1931


 Educated at Harrow

Pre-WWII amateur aviator who had owned:

- a 1930 Comper CLA.7 Swift, G-AAZD; 

- a 1931 DH.60G Gipsy Moth, G-ABPT, and

- a 1933 Comper CLA.7 Swift, G-ACML

He also entered (the one and only) Comper Streak, G-ACNC, for the 1935 King's Cup Race, but withdrew before the start.

m. 1939 Ilona de Walyel

A Company Director (Minox Ltd)

Address in 1941: Old Mill Cottage, Wargrave, Berks

Postings: 1FPP

"An average pilot, with not too good a sense of discipline"

[* First Officer from 14 Aug-42 but demoted to 2nd Officer 2 weeks later for flying in bad weather, supposedly for a period of 3 months. However, his contract was terminated before this period ended.

The accident which caused him to be demoted was on the 15th August 1942, when he 'abandoned a Spitfire after running out of fuel through flying in bad weather'. The final straw was when, on the 16th November, he forgot to lower the undercarriage of a Hurricane when landing.]

In his defence, he did successfully force-land a Short Scion in September 1942 after engine failure; on the other hand, the Hurricane was the second aeroplane in which his cockpit drill had missed out this rather important item - he had also landed a Blenheim with its wheels up on the 30th August ...

[Contract Terminated by ATA 'due to the number of at-fault accidents' (actually, the Hurricane was his 5th)]

Address in 1967: The Garth, Wellingore, Lincoln and Kafue National Game Park, Zambia"

d. Mar 1985 - Lincoln

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