Flight Captain

 Cassandra Felicity 'Fay' Bradford MBE

flag england

 b. 22 Sep 1915, London

1 May-41 to Sep-45 

 cassandra bradford 1939 RAeC


Address in 1941: Empshott Lodge, Liss, Hants

Postings: 5FPP, 12FPP

 4-engine (Class 5) pilot


5 accidents, 2 her fault:

- 9 Jan 1941, when the rear cockpit cover of her Master fell off, damaging the tail;

- 26 Jun 1942, forced landing in an Airacobra;

- 13 Dec 1942, she failed to control the take-off swing of a Hudson;

- 30 Apr 1943, her Spitfire's port wing touched the ground on a difficult crosswind landing, and

- 11 Jul 1944, forced landing in an Anson.


A good natural pilot" "A capable pilot who is keen and quietly confident"

"Has proved to be a good second in command and was acting C.O. for 2 months with credit"

m. 1941 Cmdr Peter Hugh Bragg, RAF Boscombe Down

d. 1984

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 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):

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