M.434 Flight Captain  Harold Burns 
flag england  b. 12 Jun 1913, Barnsley, Yorkshire 20 May 1941 to 30 Nov 1945 

 ata harold burns 1936 1936



Moved to Congleton when his father became a partner in Wadesons, later Burns Garages:

RAeC Certificate 13805 dated 27 Mar 1936, taken at North Staffs Aero Club on Miles Hawk

prev. a motor engineer

Address in 1936: "Dundella", Bromley Rd, Congleton, Cheshire


prev. exp. 56 hrs, including this:


Disaster overtook Mr. Harold Burns, of Congleton, when making a flight from the Heir Aerodrome on Sunday in a Flying Flea which he had constructed himself, with the assistance of his father.

He had previously flown the machine in the Congleton district, and had made several successful flights at Heir on Sunday before the crash. It is stated that the accident occurred because the pilot lost height. The machine struck the ground with great force and was wrecked, and eye-witnesses were amazed to see Burns extricate himself from the wreckage apparently not seriously injured. He appeared to be only slightly upset by his narrow escape. and remarked that it was "part of the flying game".

The pilot's father was at the aerodrome at the time and superintended the removal of the wreckage. Burns received medical attention at the North Staffs Aero Clubhouse on the aerodrome." Crewe Chronicle - 11 Apr 1936


m. 1938 Millicent [Parker]

Postings: 5TFPP, 14FPP, 3FPP


Class 5 (4-engine) pilot


5 accidents, 1 his fault:

- 3 Nov 1941, Commended for a forced landing near Evesham in Master I W8734 after engine failure

- 20 Dec 1942, he failed to correct the landing swing in Spitfire Vc ES318, ran off the runway and nosed over

- 23 Mar 1943, the port undercarriage of his Wellington XI HE372 collapsed after landing at Middleton St. George, due to a defect,

- 27 Mar 1943, whilst stationary on the perimeter track at Ringway, the tail of his Argus I EV795 was struck by a taxying Fulmar

- 20 Apr 1945, after a normal landing at Ringway in Firefly II Z1870, the undercarriage collapsed due to a technical fault.


 "A good all-round ferry pilot with a capacity for hard work. He is thorough in his duties and can be relied upon at all times. He has ferried over 600 aircraft to date"

"An accurate pilot who flies well, but is inclined to be somewhat careless in drill, and his reactions in an emergency are somewhat slow. 

 Totals: Single-engine types: 423 hrs, Twins: 636.30 hrs, Multi-engine: 283.25 hrs.


d. 30 Jul 1983 - Congleton

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file): download grey  Thanks to Alan Weeks

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