M.341  First Officer Charles Lionel Griffiths Back 
za-1928flag  b. 23 Dec 1913, S Africa 6 April 1941 to 10 Apr 1943 

 ata charles back 1933 1933



Educated at St Andrews, Grahamstown, SA

Arrived in the UK in 1928

prev. RAF (Pilot Offficer) 1935-37

Address in 1941: Newton House, Barn St, Marlborough, Wilts

Postings: 2FPP, 8FPP, 9FPP, 14FPP, 15FPP

He was described as 'a very capable and experienced pilot, and in every way satisfactory', but had a couple of problems during his ATA career, being placed on a weekly salary basis after writing cheques with insufficient funds to cover them in May-42, and suspended without pay for 3 days in Jan-43 for 'failing to surrender clothing coupons'.

kenneth mackenzie and patricia 7 jun 1941 Kenneth and Patricia [Pruett], 7 Jun 1941

He then 'committed misconduct' in Luton with Patricia, the wife of Flt Lt. (later Wing Cmdr) Kenneth Mackenzie DFC, while the latter was away as a wartime guest of the Germans. The divorce judge said that it was "a most lamentable feature of the case that a man who was an officer in the RAF should commit misconduct with the wife of a brother officer who was a prisoner in German hands."


Later a de Havilland test pilot

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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