M.369  First Officer  Edgar Bernard Harold Hall
flag england  b. 23 Mar 1908, Woolwich 

1 Apr 1941 to 24 Apr 1943

  [753 days]

ata edgar hall 1939 1939

ata edgar hall 2 ATA    


m. 1935 Philis Margarete [Hills], one child

prev. exp. 135hrs

prev a Chief Link Trainer Instructor, and aircraft inspector for A.S.T.

Address in 1941: 5 Gambia St, Swindon

"Although he appears keen enough in his flying, he is unable to control his weakness in financial matters, and through worry of this, his flying is of poor quality"

Demoted to 3rd Officer for 3 months in 1942 for landing in poor weather conditions and then leaving the aerodrome before close of flying, without waiting to see if the weather improved. 

Jan-43: "Hall came here with somewhat poor reports, but to date has done his job conscientiously and safely and has behaved himself as an officer."

[Contract Terminated by ATA - 'Financial Instability']

In 1949, he was fined £40 for bad airmanship: "Edgar Bernard Harold Hall, of Homefield House, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, was fined a total of £40 with three guineas costs at Croydon yesterday.

Hall was found guilty of making a circuit of the Croydon Aerodrome while not clear of the manoeuvring area; endangering life and property by diving under another aircraft which was engaged landing on or about July 4; and failing to obtain such authorisation of movement as was necessary for the protection of aerodrome traffic on August 13.

He pleaded guilty to piloting a plane on August 13 while not in possession of a licence. He was fined £10 on each of the four summonses. 

Captain T. J. Gunn, chief pilot of an airways company at Croydon, told the court that when he was preparing to land a Proctor at Croydon, a Tiger Moth flew straight at him for a few seconds and then dived under him. It landed in front of him and he turned away. Hall denied Captain Gunn's allegations, and said, " I am an experienced pilot and a qualified instructor of 40 years of age and have got beyond things like that."

d 1982 - Lewes, E Sussex

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