M.410  First Officer William 'Buck' Brewer Lemons II 
flag usa b. 23 Oct 1917, Cleveland, Mississippi  17 Mar 1941 to 24 Dec 1942 

 ata william lemons 1944 2 1944



Mother: Lulie Bell Lemons, father dec'd

 prev. Crop Dusting for Finkles Bros. Dusting Co. in Leland, MS and Aero Crop Dusters in Avon Park, Florida

Address in 1940: Box 704, Belle Glade, Palm Beach FL

Postings: 1FPP, 14FPP, 16FPP, 4aFPP

Suspended for 1 week in November 1941;

Suspended for 7 days for Low Flying over Carlisle, in Sep 1942

2 accidents, neither his fault;

- 1 Mar 1942, he ran into a snow bank when landing a Spitfire in slippery conditions, and

- 16 Nov 1942, the starboard inner engine of his Fortress failed, but he landed successfully on the remaining three.

 "Has proved to be satisfactory as a pilot, but has a poor sense of discipline"

"Since his arrival at this Pool (16FPP) he has carried out his duties well and is now showing a creditable sense of discipline."

Sailed back to the USA on the "Queen Elizabeth" on 25 Jan 1943 with fellow ferry pilots Howard L Cooper (M.512), Robert F Sliker (b. 1904 in Morrisroe NJ), Andrew J Burke (b. 1902 in Bonham Texas), Nelson E Brown (b. 1921 in Guilford, PA), Raymond P Hoover (M.345)

He was engaged to a Miss Isobel Swift in April 1943; "Miss Swift was associated with Pan-American Airways"...

... however ...

m. 24 Jun 1944 Carol 'Tootsie' [Bryant] of Dearborn, MI, the grand-niece of Henry Ford

ata william lemons 1944

William was "a test pilot at Henry Ford's Willow Run bomber plant"

 They moved to Winter Haven, FL in 1958.

d. 12 Jan 1979 (age 61) - Winter Haven, FL. "He was a former Winter Haven City Commissioner"

His son David (b. 1947) earned his solo flying license at the age of 16 in his father's J-3 Cub and became an airline pilot for Pan American and then Alaska Airlines, retiring in 2007.

Carol d. 2012, David in 2013

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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