M.257  First Officer Peter Wellburn Bayliss 
flag england b. 17 Jul 1915, Wolverhampton  18 Feb 1941 to Aug-45 

 ata peter bayliss 1939 1939



educated at Charterhouse

an Iron Founder (Bayliss, Jones & Bayliis Ltd, Wolverhampton)

Address in 1941: 'Woodthorne', Tettenhall, Staffs

Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP, 12FPP, 14FPP

"A good pilot of sound average ability", but he was:

a) severely reprimanded and given 2 extra duties for 'Neglect of Duty' in Jun-43; "When detailed for night duty pilot and fire-watcher, he left the airfield on two occasions without permission" and

b) reprimanded in Feb-44 for taxiing a Proctor so carelesslythat the port wing hit a gate post.

He seems to have settled down later; his discipline was regarded as "satisfactory" by late 1944.

aline johncelyne bayliss 1946

m. Aline Johncelyne Spiers (nee Pickin), also an aviator, in 1946

Flew Proctor II G-AKXZ in the 1949 Goodyear Race

He took out a patent in 1956: "Improvements in or relating to vices" (not that sort of vices, silly).

Later Director and Secretary of Brockmore-Bede Aircraft of the Brockmoor Foundry Co., Brierley Hill, W. Midlands.

d. 14 Nov 1992 - Titley Kington, Herefordshire

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