M.449 *  Commander Maitland Walter Sabine Boucher 
flag UK b. 19 Dec 1888, Port Elizabeth SA  24 Jun 1941 to 11 Sep 1943


ata maitland boucher

Capt Boucher R.N. in 1931



Rear-Admiral Boucher from Jan-41

"Admiral Boucher had been one of the pioneers of the Fleet Air Arm having obtained his RAF wings in 1925. When he joined ATA he started like any other pilot in EFTS and worked his way up through the ATA School." Lettice Curtis

After a particularly bad landing whilst on the training course, he was 'carpeted' by his instructor Jimmy Weir. He apologised and then said "And may I say that in 20 years in the Navy, I have never had such an excellent and comprehensive ticking off."

O.C. ATA Northern Area, 1943

Returned to the Navy as a Commodore and was put on convoy duty; in December 1943 he commanded Convoy JW55B taking supplies to the USSR, which was the target of the German battleship Scharnhorst. Scharnhorst was intercepted and sunk by Royal Navy forces in the Battle of the North Cape.

d. Jun 1963  - Maidenhead


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