M.298 First Officer   Jack Fitzgerald
 flag usa b. 10 Jul 1915, Bagwell TX  23 Jan 1941 to Jan-42 

 ata jack fitzgerald AR



Educated at Paris Junior College then Texas Technology College.

prev. An airline pilot for Braniff, and 18 months at Odena Flying School at Odessa, Dalton, Texas

prev. exp. 800hrs

Postings: 6FPP, 15FPP

Oct-41: "A most capable pilot, who now seems to have settled down and is doing a good job of work."

In 1971 the Abilene Reporter said, "Jack, the fifth son of the six 'Flying Fitzgeralds', was being honored by American Air lines in Los Angeles for his 25 years with American. Jack like [his brother] Glenn attended Texas Tech and learned to fly at an early age. He was a pilot for American Air lines [sic] by the time he was 20. During the war he served in the airlines military operation for the Air Transport Command in India. He also flew supplies from San Francisco during the Tokyo Airlift.

Jack lives in Los Altos, Calif., with his wife Betty and four children. Betty is a former airline stewardess. Today he is based in New York, from where he flies 747s."

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