M.310 First Officer   James Eric Lofgren

flag england


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 b. 18 Jun 1912, Birmingham, England  

24 Jan 1941 to 28 Jan 1942


8 Jul 1943 to 23 Sep 1943

 ata jim lofgren 1932 1932



Father: Charles Paul Lofgren (originally Swedish), a travelling salesman (Music Tuition); Mother  Gertrude A [Payne or Moore], (English).

The family (including their 5 children) moved to New Jersey in January 1917.

Ed. Detroit, North Western High School

He was shipwrecked when on a boar-hunting trip in 1932 and the 7 crew and passengers spent 3 days marooned on Santa Cruz Island, about 30 miles off the California coast.

prev. Private in US Army Reserve 1931-35; Air Line Pilot for Transportes Aereos Centro Americanos (TACA) in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicuragua, San Salvador, Guatemala, USA, Canada and Honduras.

prev. exp. 1650 hrs

Address in 1941: 2716 S Willard Ave, San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA; later 805 N 2nd St., Alhambra CA

Exempt from US Draft 'due to previous military experience'.

 Postings: 15FPP, 6FPP, 16FPP

Suspended for 2 days from 4 Jul 1941 for 'Refusal to obey orders'

2 accidents, 1 his fault:

- 13 Jul 1941, his Swordfish lost its tail wheel;

- 16 Dec 1941, his Anson hit an iron stake while taxying.

Oct-41: "A good pilot who carries out all his work well. Would be a greater asset to the pool if he was more cheerful and cooperative"

Dec-41: "As above, except that he is now a more cheerful and therefore pleasanter member of the pool."

Flew to New York on a TWA flight 16 May 1943.

After ATA, sailed back to the US on the "Queen Mary" on 29 Sep 1943.

Address in 1948: Majorca Ave, Miami, FL, when he was a pilot for Skyways International.

d. 22 Apr 1959 (age 46) - Orange Co, CA 

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