M.297 First Officer  Nathan Stolzer Kohn 
flag usa  b. 31 Oct 1910, St Louis MO  11 Jan 1941 to 29 Jun 1942 




Father: Wolfe Kohn (originally from Finland, a Banker); mother Fannie (American) from Tuscumbia, AL

Ed. Vanderbilt University, New York University

m. 1933 Edith [Koggan]; 2 children, David b. 1944 and Wolina

prev. US Army 1930-34; Commercial Pilot - President of Jersey Air Service, Paterson NJ from 1936

Address in 1941: 10-04 Bellaire Ave, Fair Lawn NJ

A warrant for his arrest was issued in 1938 when he failed to appear in court. He was charged with operating an amusement concession without a ($50) license.

"Mr Kohn has been in the Criminal Court, Hackensack NJ, twice in recent years: once when accused of obtaining $150 and an aeroplane from two Baltimore men in an aeroplane sale deal and again when he faced the same charge in relation to an alleged fire insurance loss."

 Arrived in the UK 28 Feb 1941

Postings: 1FPP, 15FPP, 3FPP, 4bFPP, 14FPP, 4aFPP

"A pilot of great ability with a high sense of duty, who is responsive to considerate treatment."

Contract Terminated - Refused to carry out flying duties

Later a Lt-Col in the USAAC Air Transport Command; post-WWII he was active in real estate and then founded an import-export business.

d. 6 May 1966 (age 56) - Eaglewood, NJ

"For a number of years, Mr Kohn had figured prominently in activities designed to aid the State of Israel get firmly established. He also helped lay the groundwork for the organization of its Air Force."

He had "considerable financial holdings" in Israel, and in Cuba before Fidel Castro gained control; he once received a Bible from Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion for his work.

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