M.--- * First Officer  Leland Cooper Lloyd 
 flag usa  b. 20 Aug 1912, Houston, Texas 23 Mar to 28 Sep 1941 




Father: Everett Cooper Lloyd, Mother: Nellie Fredericka

 prev. Petrolagar Laboratories, Chicago, Illinois; test pilot for North American Aviation; 'stunt pilot'

? m. 1934 in Texas, Katherine [Thiel]


Address in 1940: 647½ Main Ave, San Antonio, TX

  Draft Card, dated 16 Oct 1940


"Scar - 3in diameter - right arm"

Arrived in the UK on 28 April 1941, as did Raymond Sylvester Allen

 Postings: ---


Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

He was co-pilot of a B-25 that became uncontrollable over Platte County, Kansas, on the night of 18 Jul 1942. The crew of 3 parachuted to safety, Leland fracturing his heel.

m. 16 Apr 1943 in Clay, Missouri, Alice Genevieve [Heil]


 Hudson 4

d. 6 Aug 1943 in the crash of Hudson VI EW898 at Martintown, Ontario, Canada during a training flight. All 3 on board were killed; they were attempting a forced landing after fire broke out.

 Commemorated at Mission Burial Park SouthSan AntonioBexar CountyTexas

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