M.331 First Officer  Frank Carmany Wallower Jr
 flag usa b.  21 Nov 1907, Webb City, Missouri 5 Feb 1941 to 4 Feb 1942 




Father: Frank Carmany Wallower Sr (A Mining Engineer, later President of Tri-State Casualty Insurance Co), Mother: Marie [Russert] (Frank Sr's first wife, d. 1920 from acute meningitis), of Mission Hills Estate, Joplin, MO (now part of the Missouri Southern State University campus)

see https://libguides.mssu.edu/wallowercollection

Ed. Lawrenceville Prep School, NJ, Cornell University; School of Mines

prev. Superintendent, SW Missouri Road Co.; Instructor on Government pilot training scheme

prev. exp. 1250 hrs

m. Apr 1932 in Joplin, Kathryn 'Kay' [Pearson] - "The bride is well known in social circles in Miami, [Oklahoma] where she resided for a number of years before moving to Joplin last summer"

"Frank and Kay adopted a daughter named Jane, who died in childhood following a sudden illness. They then divorced and later remarried."


 Address in 1941: Keystone Hotel, Joplin, Missouri

  Draft Card, dated 16 Oct 1940

"I have six months release from local draft board (Joplin, USA) with permission to renew each six months by writing"


 Postings: 2FPP, 4FPP, 4aFPP


1 accident, not his fault:

- 16 Sep 1941, an engine of his Blenheim L6816 failed on take-off at White Waltham.

Off sick from 16 Sep to 21 Nov 1941, following this accident.


 "This officer is entirely satisfactory in the performance of his duties"

Travelled back to the USA on 15 Feb 1942 with fellow ATA pilot Marvin Dunlavy

Captain, 555th Army Air Forces Base Unit Ferrying Division, Air Transport Command, from 15 Sep 1942 to 30 Jan 1946

 "He now has flown in air operations in virtually all parts of the world"


d. 26 Sep 1966 (aged 58) - Centreville, St. Clair County, Illinois, USA

"Frank was killed in an automobile accident"

Mount Hope Cemetery, Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri, United States of America


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