M.  Captain William John Gribble 

flag england

 b. 3 Feb 1905, Cowfold, Sussex  1 Jan 1940 to 31 Apr 1945 

  ata william gribble 1945      


prev. LAC in RAF 1923 - 1929, including 2 years in Iraq

m. 1933 Cecilia Edith Mary [Gyatt]

In 1936, an aero engineer for Lockheed

Mary du Bunsen refers to him in Mount up with Wings: "Our instructor, a man called Gribble, was great fun and taught well but he had a sharp tongue. Luckily it was a man he picked on as a target for his witticisms, a little man with an enormous handlebar moustache, [presumably Victor Baxter-Jones, who joined two weeks before Mary] who apologised to the class, quite unnecessarily, for having let Gribble get him in such a lather that he didn't know what ten per cent of a hundred was." ...

"But the women did not escape unscathed, though we had our little triumphs. one day he handed the class an awkward calculation about fuel consumption, saying 'This is where the women usually break down', and I produced a slide-rule, which I had been storing up for some such moment, and got it right first go."

Address in 1945: 24 Boyn Hill, Maidenhead



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