M.154  First Officer  Clark Loring Trumbull Jr
flag usa  b. 27 Aug 1915, Fort Monroe, VA

 25 Sep 1940 to 24 Sep 1941

and 13 Dec 1941 to 8 Jul 1942

 ata clark trumbull 1934 1934    ATAM    


Ed. High School, 1 yr Aero Engineering

Father: Clark Loring Trumbull, US Army in WWI, d. 26 Jun 1949, buried Arlington National Cemetery

prev. Commercial pilot

prev. exp. 774 hrs

Address in 1940: RFD No. 1, Silver Spring, Maryland

Postings: 6FPP, AFTS

Suspended for 2 days in Feb 1942 for "refusal to carry on with flight and parked aircraft"

4 accidents, 3 his fault:

- 24 Nov 1940, he failed to correct the take-off swing in a Mohawk and hit a tree "before completing a circuit and landing"

- 30 Mar 1941, he selected 'undercarriage up' instead of 'flaps up' after landing in a Blenheim

- 11 Sep 1941, he failed to control the landing swing of a Hudson, and broke the port undercarriage leg

- 3 Jan 1942, the hood of his Spitfire blew off due to 'insecure fitting' and slightly damaged the tail.

"A good pilot who can do excellent work when he feels like it. Normally a quiet and steady officer."

m. Jan 1942 in Leicester, Joan E [Beard]

Resident in Florida in 1994

d. 18 Sep 2001 - Washington DC


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