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Herbert John 'Horse' Horsey
flag england    b. 26 Nov 1899, Cheshunt, Herts   1 Jan 1940 to 6 Jan 1941 

 Imperial Airways HJ Horsey      


RNAS and RAF in WWI, then joined Supermarine, followed by British Marine Co. as a flying-boat captain on the route from Southampton to Guernsey. When BMC became part of the newly-formed Imperial Airways in 1924, he was one of their 16 founder-pilots.

In June 1927, he created a new record for big passenger aeroplanes, by flying from London to Cologne in one hundred and sixty minutes, at an average speed of 130 miles an hour.

Address in 1932: 138 King's Hall Rd, Beckenham, Kent

Postings: 2FPP

curtiss hawk

d. 6 Jan 1941 (Died in ATA Service) after he hit cables and crashed on 2 January,  2.5 miles NW of Wroughton ferrying Curtiss Mohawk IV AR658.

G.P. Olley wrote in his obituary: "An atmosphere of gloom settled over the war-time base of British Overseas Airways Corporation when the tragic news came through that Captain H. J. Horsey ('Horse' to his friends, and that meant every one) had died suddenly from the injuries he had received in an accident some days before."

Gordon reported that, a few days before, "poor old 'Horse' was concerned that he had broken his clean record - up to then, he had never had a major crash, or harmed a hair of the head of a single passenger."

Herbert is buried in Hatfield Heath, Essex.

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