M.170 2nd Officer John Leslie Courtenay Coles

flag england

b. 26 Aug 1905, London  19 Nov 1940 to  27 Jul 1941

 RAeC 1934 (Photo missing)      


Ed. "Douai Abbey. Russia. USA"

prev. RAF 1921-23; Signalman in Royal Corps of Signals 1924-26; Engineer Tool Maker; "Rough Rider"; Pilot for BOAC

prev. exp. 200hrs

m. Ivy Maude

Address in 1940: Kim, Powercourt Rd, Barton-on-Sea, Hants

Postings: 2FPP, 4FPP

Off sick from 29 Apr to 20 May 1941 with 'nervous debility', and from 12 to 27 Jul 1941 with 'cellulitis of ankle'.

Suspended for 3 days without pay for going AWOL in Jul 1941

"A pilot whose flying ability and sense of judgement I have no great confidence in."

"Has carried out the duties allocated to him satisfactorily."

Contract Terminated 27 Jul 1941 - Disciplinary Reasons

d. 24 Mar 1984 - Barnet, London

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