M.202  First Officer William Arthur Andrews 

flag UK

 b. 2 Feb 1906, Gibraltar   28 Dec 1940 to Apr-43



Educated at King's College School, Wimbledon

prev. RAF 1925-29: Short Service Commission as Probationary P/O & to CFS Upavon, 26 Sep 1925; Confirmed as  P/O, 26 Mar 1926. 19 Sqn, 30 Sep 26; F/O, 12 Apr 27; 23 Sqn, 12 Mar 28; 41 Sqn, 18 Aug 28.

On the 3 Apr 1929, he was fined £15 for being drunk at the wheel of a motor vehicle & £5 for driving in a dangerous manner at West Side, Wimbledon Common. When told that he would be arrested, he replied "I have been on the loose. I have had 15, or maybe 17, whiskies with a friend".

Possibly as a consequence, he resigned his Short Service Commission on the 31 May 1929.]

[details thanks to Steve Brew]

Then to National Flying Services Ltd, Hanworth Pk, in Oct 29.

Pilot for Air Commerce Ltd, Sudan, 1937

Address in 1940: The Croft, Sandown, I.O.W.

Postings: 3FPP, 4aFPP, 8FPP

"A capable pilot on heavy aircraft, does not like flying single engined aircraft ... nice personality but apt to be forgetful."

Resigned from the ATA in Apr-43

d. Mar 1977 - Isle of Wight

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