M.270  First Officer

Joseph Benjamin 'J. B.' Holloway


flag usa

 b. 27 Jun 1909, Columbus, Georgia

12 Dec 1940 to 11 Dec 1941

[364 days]




Ed. High School in Georgia and Florida

m. with 2 children

prev. 6 yrs Marines, 9mo Aviation Corps, USMCRA

a Pilot Mechanic

Address in 1940: 2780 NW North River Dr, Miami, Florida (Mother, Mrs Tom Taylor)

 Postings: 2FPP

 He was commended for a successful forced landing in a Westland Whirlwind in Jul-41


In 2004 Florence Mueller wrote: "He was in ATC before the war started and was in for the duration. He was married to my sister Esther in Miami in the late 1930's. They were divorced after the war. J.B. was killed in a plane crash in the mid 50's, flying hops from Miami to the Caribbean islands. I have a silver cigarette case with a map of the hump area with tiny gems in the cities where he stopped. It was my sister's who is deceased.

See http://cnac.org/index.html

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