M.13   Jerzy Damsz 

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 b. 6 Sep 1911, Lodz, Poland  5 Dec 1940 to 10 Jun 1941


ata jerzy damsz

from http://www.polishairforce.pl, which has a full biography



Ed, Warsaw Polytechnic

Polish Air Force (Pilot Officer) from 21 Sep 1936

m. Zofia

prev. Aircraft Engineer

Address in 1940: 8 Horncliffe Rd, Blackpool, Lancs

Postings: 1FPP, 4FPP

A "reliable and keen pilot", but he had 3 accidents in 4 months;

4 Feb 1941 - Harvard (Partly Blamed);

6 Mar - Hurricane (Exonerated), and

14 May - Hector K8137 (Completely Blamed:  "He should have known that brakes on this type are not very positive in action and have exercised increased caution in consequence.")

Transferred to 307 Sqn, RAF in July 1941.

d. 22 June 1987 - Sopot

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