M.570 First Officer James Emrys Gwynne Johns 

flag wales

b. 2 Dec 1909, Llandovery, Wales 

1 Nov 1940 [15 Apr 1941 as pilot] to 30 Nov 1945

[1.855 days]


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Father: James (a Stud Groom); mother Elizabeth

prev. a Builders Merchant's Representative, then

RAF Sergeant, Link Trainer Instructor 7 Sep 1939 - 28 May 1940, and

Air Ministry, Parachute Instructor 1 Jul - Nov 1940.

prev exp. 56 hrs on Gypsy Moth, Tiger Moth, BA Swallow, Magister

Known as 'Gwynne Johns', a famous parachutist before and after WWII.

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The Age (Melbourn) 1938: "An English scout named Gwynne Johns, who risked his life thirteen years ago to save a child from being run over by a motor car and was awarded the Silver Cross for gallantry by the Chief Scout, Lord Baden-Powell, now thinks nothing of risking his life as a hobby by making record-breaking parachute jumps. Gwynne Johns at the age of 12 was a patrol leader in the 1st Llandovery troop, and became famous In the county as being the first scout in Carmarthenshire to earn a gallantry award. Now, at the age of 25, he Is known as the young Aberyswyth parachutist, who has recently created a world record by making a delayed drop from 18,000 feet in the dark over Salisbury Plain.
Parachute jumping is Johns's risky hobby. Actually he Is a salesman in
tho Bournemouth district. He has fulfilled his ambition by creating a new
world record jump. He already holds a world record for a daylight delayed drop by falling 18,000 feet before releasing his parachute. It was on this occasion, twelve months ago, he jumped 22,400 feet.He Is the first parachutist to attempt a delayed drop by night, and scouts everywhere congratulate him on his achievement."

Address in 1940: Landsdowne, Bournemouth, Hants.

Postings: 2FPP, 1FPP, 16 FPP 8FPP, 3FPP

"A good officer and a keen and willing worker. Of a somewhat nervous disposition and appears to be easily influenced by unhappy conditions - given some supervision, however, is a perfectly safe pilot."

"Is inclined to be untidy in his dress."

1942x ata gwynne johns bw5800 1 "Right oh, fair comment"

 1942 [with thanks to Nicholas Thomas]

Flight, 21 Aug 1947: "Mr. Gwynne Johns, who holds the record for a delayed parachute drop at night, took off in a Tiger Moth to make his 53rd jump, and his first since 1939. During the war Mr. Gwynne Johns flew 1,500 solo hours in the A.T.A. on 67 different types including six four engined aircraft. He made a very well-timed jump into the centre of the airfield having delayed the opening of his parachute until after he had turned two somersaults."

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d. 17 Aug 1963, Bournemouth

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