M.176  First Officer Casey Thomas Boyd 

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 b. 3 Aug 1911, Clayton, AL  25 Oct 1940 to 24 Apr 1943 



Father: George T Boyd, Mother: Mary Clara

Ed. High School, Blue Springs, AL

prev. Aviation Machinist; US Navy pilot from 1930 to 1940

Arrived in Liverpool on 20 Nov 1940, having sailed from Montreal, with fellow ATA pilot William Gregg

Postings: 8FPP, 2FPP, 14FPP

Class V (4-engine) pilot

Suspended for a week in 1941 due to "Breach of regulations relating to collection of aircraft", and

Suspended for another day and fined $20 due to going AWOL

4 accidents, none deemed his fault:

- 1 Feb 1941, the wheels of his Blenheim stuck in an unmarked soft patch

- 28 Jan 1942, on landing his Beaufort AW345 on slippery ground at Kemble, the brakes failed to grip "owing to [the] bad state of Kemble aerodrome for delivery of Beaufort aircraft"

- 10 Apr 1942, whilst taxying his Beaufighter I X7825 at Sealand, the tail wheel fell into a small unmarked excavation

- 14 Oct 1942, forced landing after the starboard engine of his Beaufighter VIc T5265 failed on take off, possibly due to the engine running for a long period on the ground


"Continues to be a most valuable member of this Pool, both as regards his flying qualities and his conduct."

Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

Casey's Draft Card, dated 26 Jul 1943

Later flew 'The Hump with CNAC - see CNAC Captian Casey T. Boyd


 d. 24 Nov 1970 - Clayton, Alabama

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