Flight Captain - Operations Officer Alison Elsie King OBE

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b. 20 Aug 1913, London  9 Dec 1940 to 30 Jun 1`945

 ATA Alison King RAFM      


Her book ('Golden Wings', 1956) tells us that she was "a member of the Civil Air Guard (CAG) who joined ATA in 1940 as a 'sub-sub-adjutant'. 

She became the first woman Operations Officer, dealing with the daily movement of ferried aircraft. In October 1941 she was with those who took over Hamble Ferry Pool - the first time women were allowed to fly everything that was needed of them [sic]

After the war she joined BOAC, then, deciding to 'give it all up', lived in a cottage in a remote Suffolk village. Not long after, however, she was back in London, and in 1953 became Director of the Women's Junior Air Corps. In 1956 she was also appointed Chairman of the recently formed British Women Pilots' Association."

d. 1992

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Interviewd here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80009030


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