W.19 2nd Officer 

Mrs Diane Elaine Farnell 

flag england

  b. 27 Mar 1899, Hampstead, London 16 Sep-40 to 25 Mar 1942 

 diane farnell 1935 RAeC 1935  ata diane farnell ATA    


 née Schlesinger

Father: Cesar Schlesinger, from "a region of Germany which is now part of Poland"

Ed. Roedean

changed name by deed poll (to name of step-father George Herbert, who brought her up from 1904) New

m. 1922 in Chelsea, Ronald H Boswell, a Publisher (Messrs John Lane, Bodley Head)

She and Ronald travelled to Argentina together in 1927, and to South Africa the following year.

She listed her profession as "Author"; she had published books called 'Posterity - A Novel' in 1926, and 'Bull among China' in 1928.

m. 1929 in Paddington, Robin George Westbury Farnell (of Farnell Carbons Ltd, Plumstead, London SE. The son of the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford. His first wife Dorothy [Coode] d. 1926)

3 children (David (Boswell) b. 1923, Martin (Boswell) b. 1926, Michael (Farnell) b. 1928)

Address in 1935-1940: Idleigh Court, Meopham, Kent

In 1940 she said she lost contact with her father "about 15 years ago - now dead" [Cesar "spent the last 20 years of his life equally shared 6 months at a time between South Africa and the UK"]

ata diane farnell uniform

3 accidents, 2 her fault:

- 22 Feb 1941, when she misjudged an approach in her Puss Moth;

- 11 Dec 1941, her Wicko nosed over after misuse of brakes while landing

- 22 Feb 1942, the engine of her Magister backfired when the airscrew was being swung.

[Contract Terminated by ATA]

 Images via Nicholas Farnell

 d. 14 Apr 1995 - Sedbury, Tidenham, Glos

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