M.115 * First Officer  Howard Eugene Mussey, Jr 

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  b. 28 Dec 1913, Birmingham Alabama 14 Sep 1940 to 30 Nov 1940



His father, Howard E Mussey Snr, was a Supervisor with the Woodward Iron Company but was killed in 1926 when a blast furnace exploded: "Five white men and eleven negroes were instantly killed and several others seriously burned."

m. 1935 Margurete Marshall [Gribble]

Address in 1941: 2011 Highland Ave, Birmingham

Arrived in the UK on the 'Duchess of Atholl' 5 Oct 1940, with fellow pilots Roger Inman, William Cummings, Edward Vencill, Martin Wetzel and Constant Wilson.

Returning to the USA in February 1941, he said that air raids never interrupted their work in the ATA; "We went up because that is the safest place to be. I was blown out of bed several times while quartered at air fields outside of London, and I would much rather be in the air when the siren sounds."

 ata howard e mussey grave

d. 7 Apr 1967 - Birmingham AL

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