M.301  First Officer Albert Sparks Robbins 

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  b. 3 Jun 1909, New Jersey 4 Sep 1940 to 7 Mar 1942 


 Ed. High Scool, 1 yr college

m. Martha, 3 daughters

Next of kin: Originally his mother, Mrs M P Sparks, 562 Washington St, Camden, N.J., later changed to (Guardian) Orval M Rosier, V.P. American Airlines, N Beach Airport, NY

prev. a chauffeur

prev. exp. 3,500 hrs

Postings: 4FPP, 2FPP

Suspended for a week in December 1940 for "dangerous shooting up of Prestwick", in a Spitfire.

Off sick:

- from 16 Jan to 26 Mar 1941 with appendicitis;

- 7 Nov 1941 to 25 Jan 41 with a fractured hand, and

- 7 Feb to 7 Mar 1942 with influenza.

One accident: 10 Jul 1941 in a Rapide, forced landing due to engine failure.

 "Good pilot", but absent for various reasons.

 He failed to turn up for an appointment with the Medical Officer on the 4 Mar 1942, and his contract was suspended and then terminated. This led to his service being categorised as "unsatisfactory".

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