M.244 First Officer   Clyde Erskine Gray

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b. 29 Dec 1907, St Louis MI 

30 Aug 1940 to 25 Jun 1941

[299 days]



"Mr and Mrs H[arry] R[ichmond] Gray are receiving congratulations upon the arrival of a little son, born Dec. 29. The little fellow is the first grandchild in both families and has been names Clyde Erskine Gray after his paternal grandfather" - St Louis Post-Dispatch

The family moved to South Shore Drive, Chicago and in May 1908 it was reported that: "Mrs Clyde Erskine, Mrs Gray's mother, is visiting them."

Educated; Grammar School, Military School, Jr. College

Engaged to  Winifred Alaine [Stanz] in 1929 but may not have married (see below)

m. Elsie Mary [Green] Dec 1940 in Bristol

Address in 1941: Box 1001, Beverley Hills, California

Elsie's address: 11 Burnside Gardens, Prestwick

prev. an Aerial Photographer

Postings: 1FPP, 4FPP

Not sure why his contract was cut short after 299 days - his only accidents (the latter not his fault) were in November and December 1940.

He sailed back to the USA on 26 April 1941, without Elsie.

d. Jan. 9, 1965 - Los Angeles County, California, USA

His son, Stephen Bennett Bishop,"known to his friends and family as Steve, died on April 17, 2014, after a short illness. He was born in Milwaukee, WI on February 26, 1931, to Winifred Alaine Stanz and Clyde Erskine Gray. He was adopted by Herbert Bennett Bishop at the age of three and was raised in the Los Angeles area for most of his childhood."

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