M.88  First Officer Hubert Theodore Timmermans 

flag usa

 b. 5 October 1916, New York, NY   24 Aug 1940 to 23 Aug 1941


8 Sep 1942 to 7 Apr 1945



Ed. at MIT, Bachelor of Science

prev. Eastern Airlines, Aircraft Sales

prev. exp. 650 hrs

Address in 1940: 5024 214 St, Bayside, Long Island, NY

m. Norma

Postings: 1FPP, 4FPP, 3FPP, Marston Moor

October 1940: "Good pilot, but cannot yet find his way about on English maps"

Off sick from Nov 1940 to 5 Jan 41 after getting lost and damaging his Blenheim by landing it at  a dummy airfield.

October 1943: "A good average pilot, keen and reliable and well-disciplined."

April 1945: This Officer hs worked well for the organisation."

Post-WWII, Head of Employment for Hughes Aircraft Co, Tucson, AZ and then, from 1961-64, an administrative officer for the Arizona Highway Department.

d. 2010 - New York

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