M.112  First Officer Walter Lee 'Buster' Trimble 

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 b. 9 Jun 1908, Ft Worth, TX   25 Aug 1940 to 14 Aug 1941

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March 1941



A commercial pilot since early 1929

prev. exp. 3,000 hrs

Address in 1940: 506 W Central Ave, Fort Worth TX

He requested that $25 a week of his $100 salary should be paid to the Red Cross Society.

"A pilot whose ability on twin-engined aircraft is well above the average." "His general flying instilled confidence."

The ATA offered him a contract extension following on from his 1-year term, which would have been from the 24th August 1941.

B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

d. 14 Aug 1941 (Died in ATA Service) - one of four ATA pilots, travelling as passengers, amongst the 22 killed in the crash of Liberator AM260.

Others were Philip Lee (M.228), Elbert Anding (M.316) and Martin Wetzel.

The cause of the crash was that "the pilot in command [Cpt Richard Charles Stafford of BOAC] started the take off procedure from runway 06 which was not suitable for the takeoff as it was too short for such aircraft."

The ATA offered his mother an ex-gratia payment; she declined it at the time, but much later (in 1959), her circumstances having obviously changed, she did apply for a grant (and, I assume, receive it - his personnel file does not describe the outcome). 

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