M.--- 2nd Officer  Ralph Theodore Wickford 

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 b. 23 May 1905, Melrose, MA  17 Aug 1940 to 12 Sep 1940 

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Adddress in 1940: Lowell Rd, Concord, MA

d. 6 Oct 1942 (suicide) - Palm Beach, FL

"The body of 2nd Lieut. Ralph T. Wickford, 38-year-old Army pilot, was found hanging in his quarters at Morrison Field early this morning.

Wickford joined the Army in 1924 and became a mechanic for Jimmy Doolittle. He left the service to enter commercial aviation in 1926. He re-enlisted last January and was assigned here in April. He had more than 5,000 hrs to his credit. He once was personal pilot for Alfred G. Vanderbilt." 

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