M.577 2nd Officer  Charles Barnett Whitehead 

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 b. 2 Nov 1904, Atlanta, GA  3 Aug 1940 then 8 Jul 1941 to 2 Dec 1941 

  ata charles whitehead ATA      


ed. New York University

m. Marion [Bushnell]

prev. US Air Corps 1924-31

prev. exp. 3900 hrs

Address in 1940: 9706 Barwell Terrace, Brooklyn, NY

Originally started with the ATA on the 3 Aug 1940, but left to join the RAF Eagle Squadron (where he served as a Pilot Officer, based in Abingdon) shortly thereafter.

ata charles whitehead eagle sqn

Returned to ATA in July 1941.

Postings: Training Pool

Fined one day's pay in Sep 1941 for turning up at the aerodrome 40 mins late "and forgot to sign register"

Off sick from 12 Sep to 30 Sep 1941 with acute gastritis

"Has proved to be a reliable and steady pilot"

ATA Contract Terminated 2 Dec 1941 - Medical Grounds

d. 15 Feb 1961 - Elizabeth, N.J.; "Former Air Force Colonel and believed to be the first American to enlist in the RAF during World War II, died after a long illness. He was one of the first to encourage women to take an interest in flying."


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