M.209 *  Captain Erwin E Theodore Heering 

flag usa

 b. 28 Jun 1918, Hartley Iowa Aug 1940 then Jan-41 - 30 Nov 1945 


ata erwin heering 1946 1946

Presenting 2 pints of blood, which Empire Airlines flew free of charge from one New York hospital to another.

Star-Gazette, New York



m. Magdalena L [Dockter]

Originally applied for the ATA in Aug 1940 but was rejected

 Postings: 10FPP (Commanding Officer, 1943-44)

Pilot for Empire Airlines in 1946; Vice-President of Consolidated Air Transit, Inc in 1947; Operations Controller for World Airways in 1982

ata ed heering with ELC in 1975 with Lettice Curtis in 1975 (ELC)

ata erwin heering

d. 2 Jun 2007, Hayward CA


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