M.--- 2nd Officer  William Duane Wood III 

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 b.21 Aug 1903, Ozona, FL 7 Aug 1940 to 12 Sep 1940 

 ata william wood 1940  1940      



Address in 1940: Key West, FL

 "Mr. Wood's experiences in England includes air raids, dodging Nazi raiders, and on one occasion while on the ground a 1,000-pound bomb fell near him but failed to explode.

Mr. Wood also verified that the Germans have tried to invade England. "The Nazis did manage to land about 250 men while I was there and the civilians cut them into very small pieces before the troops could get at them."

[The origin of this particularly gruesome story is not clear]

 m. 1942 Enid Mae [Johnson], 1951 Ana Dalao [d. Mar 2019]

d. 22 Feb 1990 - Pinellas, FL 

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