M.11 * Flight Captain  Klemens Franciszek 'Double Whisky' Dlugaszewski MBE


b. 23 Nov 1899  21 Jun 1940 to 31 Dec 1945 

  double whisky BG  dw  dw_elc ELC   ATAM


prev. Polish Army and Air Force; from 1925, one of the first five pilots of LOT.

In September 1939, he flew LOT's Lockheed Electra SP-BNF from Finland, bringing Alexandra, the wife of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, and their daughters Wanda and Jadwiga.

Klemens and Jadwiga both joined the ATA.

Post-WWII, rejoined LOT. 

d 3 July 1985 and is buried at the Powązki Cemetery, Warsaw.


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