M.--- First Officer  Luis Goncelvis Fontes 

flag england

 b. 20 Dec 1912, London  1 May 1940 to Oct-40 


ata luis fontes 1938




Father Brazilian, mother English

Racing driver [1935 Le Mans winner] and sometime jailbird [spent 3 years in jail - convicted of manslaughter having killed a motorcyclist in a car accident whilst drunk]. Operated a speedboat firm in Torquay.


1935 Miles Hawk Speed Six G-ADGP G-ADGP Miles Hawk Speed Six Luis Fontes 3


1938 B A Eagle 2 G-AFKH G AFKH Tommy Rose 0129 0039

luis and ruth fontes

with his sister Ruth, King's Cup 1935

 janes wellington

d. 12 Oct 1940 (Died in ATA Service) - while circling to land at Llandow, his Wellington R1156 struck a telegraph pole in Llysworney during a second circuit and crashed into a bank.

Buried Mapledurham, Oxfordshire

King's Cup in 1935, 1938 

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