M.--- 2nd Officer  Francis Cyril Delacour De Labilliere 
 flag scotland  b. 8 Mar 1900, Perth, Scotland 15 May to 7 Nov 1940 




Father: Rev. Charles Edgar Delacour de Labilliere, Mother: Evelyn Georgina [Harington] of Langatoch Vicarage, Monmouth (later moved to Heatherlands, Bingham Ave, Lilliput, Dorset)

 RAeC Certicate 16356, 20 Sep 1938 at Portsmouth Aero Club

prev. a book-keeper; Assistant Flying Instructor to the Barnstaple and N Devon Flying Club; RAF Link Trainer Instructor

prev. exp. 363 hrs

 Postings: ---

2 accidents, both his fault:

- 29 Jun 1940, he persisted too far in bad weather and got lost in a Tiger Moth

- 3 Nov 1940, damaged his Puss Moth after landing in a field


 Contract Terminated - "Disciplinary reasons, in respect of both his flying competence and also his conduct both on and off duty"

"We cannot possibly recommend you to consider his application [to BOAC]"

Temporary Sub-Lieut then Lieut, RNVR from 28 Feb 1941 - 1945


Address in 1947: The Mount, Studland, Dorset

Royal Aero Club Certificate 22595, 14 Apr 1947


 d. 29 Aug 1952 - Southern Rhodesia

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